According to Wood Mackenzie, the solar inverter market grew by 18% in 2019. That means more choices when it comes to inverter brands and models. Juggling monitoring platforms to handle all inverters is a big pain point for installers, O&M providers, and fleet managers. Luckily, there is one solution that is compatible with over 100 brands to consolidate to a single platform solar monitoring solution; Solar-Log®.

Illustration: Global Solar PV Inverter Shipments by Manufacturer, Source: Wood Mackenzie.

Single Platform Solar Monitoring

Solar-Log® is a global leader when it comes to superior solar plant performance monitoring and energy management. For over 12 years, Solar-Log® has supported the solar industry and formed close partnerships with manufacturers of many different components. Currently, over 2,000 individual components are compatible with the system. This universal approach means that every solar plant can be connected to the same monitoring solution, regardless of the inverter brand used.

Here is a quick chart illustrating just a sampling of the expansive compatibility of Solar-Log®. Organized by the number of connected components, this chart shows the numerous devices connected to the platform in the USA alone as of May 5, 2020.

Illustration: Numerous solar plant components across the USA being monitored on Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ as of May 5, 2020.

It’s rare to find a solar installer or solar O&M company that is using just one inverter brand across an entire fleet. Many solar professionals have their solar fleet spread out across many solar monitoring software platforms. It takes time to log in and out of different online software programs. It is made even more time-consuming having to navigate to the data you need and analyze it. It takes a considerable about more time to monitor solar plants from several different software platforms. Time is money.

Free-up more time and earn more money but connecting your entire solar plant fleet to Solar-Log® solar plant monitoring.

As a solar installer, you can:

  • Access performance data where and when you need it.
  • Have full control over performance, production, operational issues
  • Eliminate performance bottlenecks with remote configuration.
  • Control active and reactive power and grid feed in.
  • Quickly identify the root cause of performance problems.
  • Monitor and manage your entire fleet from one platform.

Because Solar-Log® solar performance monitoring is/has:

  • Designed for easy fleet management: one fleet, one login.
  • Inverter agnostic.
  • Unbeatable Support – Solar-Log® North America support typically answers within 30 SECONDS. Competition has a 2-hour call-back window. An additional 2 hours if you miss the call-back!
  • Onsite or online partner and customer trainings. We will even schedule a private online session.
  • Amazing turn-around times – Solar-Log® products ship within 3-days vs. other manufacturers 6-week lead time.
  • A 321,000 plant, 12-year database of knowledge to use to your advantage.
  • A combination of hardware, software and services for a streamlined, data driven solution.
Have you been trying to decide between using the monitoring that comes with the inverter or adding a professional solution? Check out this white paper which explores the two options.
Preview: Can hardware-independent monitoring make the difference between a short-term or lasting investment? – Several different inverter brands = several software platforms = many times the resources and manpower – Inverter software is device (OEM) specific. Plant operators have to analyze the data across several platforms. – Inverter failures may be the source of yield loss, but additional factors include cable damage, installation errors, shading, etc. – Inverter-independent monitoring specializes in developing ways to uncover difficult-to-detect malfunctions. – Neutral and qualified support and service tool to improve plant returns, to reduce time and to save unexpected service costs – Different monitoring needs PLUS feed-in management PLUS load management PLUS inverter control