Stay-at-home orders surrounding COVID-19 have impacted the way that many solar companies do business. Permitting issues and social distancing requirements mean that projects have been delayed, postponed, or even canceled. So, what now? Check out these ways to increase solar business.

Make Money Now with Existing Solar Customers

Remain profitable and generate revenue by finding business opportunities among your existing customer base.

Identify Unmonitored Solar Plants and Offer Monitoring Services

Are all of your solar plants being checked for performance errors? Performance issues go undetected when plants are not monitored. Undetected performance issues cause production losses. Lost power production means lost revenue for the plant owners.

Once you have identified unmonitored plants among your fleet, those plant owners can be presented with an example of the money they are losing. These examples prove that having a professional company monitor your solar plant is worth it, helping you “sell” service contracts.

Solar-Log® solutions provide a number of ways to help solar companies add monitoring services to their business portfolio. Cost-effective hardware minimizes the initial cost of retrofitting monitoring on existing plants. Solar-Log® WEB-4U provides a solution for installers to offer monitoring services, even with very small teams. Solar-Log WEB-4U technicians monitor your plants for you, acting as an extension of your team without a significant increase in back-end costs.

Check Performance While Maintaining Social Distancing

Especially timely here is the fact that monitoring services can be done while still maintaining social distancing. Solar-Log® allows you to monitor plant performance without ever needing to visit the site.

Even for advanced troubleshooting, maintain social distancing with the EmaZys Z200. This innovative troubleshooting tool not only detects faults and failures but pinpoints the position of the failure within the array. This troubleshooting can be done without entering the building and the advanced capability reduces the time on site.

Make Money in the Future with Reoccurring Business

We may be living in unprecedented times, but things will begin to get back to “normal”, eventually. Taking this time to develop and execute a business strategy prepares companies for the future. Solar businesses can generate more revenue with this recurring business, long after the COVID-19 threat has been reduced.

Summary – Increase Solar Business

Problem: Stay-at-home and social distancing orders surrounding COVID-19 causing new projects to be postponed or canceled.

Solution 1: Offer Solar Plant Monitoring with Solar-Log®
Solution 2: Troubleshoot sites with the EmaZys Z200