Solar-Log® has been a member of the California Solar Plus Storage Association since April and the energy management solutions provider has already rolled out many California-focused tools. As part of their commitment to the Golden State’s solar industry, Solar-Log® will be sponsoring CALSSA’s Worker Lobby Day, August 21, 2019.

“Consolidation among other manufacturers in the monitoring segment has led many fleet managers to explore better options,” said Silvia Blumenschein-Schϋtz, CEO of Solar-Log® USA. “We have found this to be true in California as well. We want California solar installers, and especially those who offer O&M services, to know that Solar-Log® is available with features which will ease the current and future challenges in the State.”

Solar-Log® has been compatible with many battery brands for a few years now, steadily increasing their partnerships with battery manufacturers. This integration could be a major benefit to all installers in the future solar market but especially in California where building energy efficiency standards may encourage the adoption of residential energy storage systems by counting them towards the energy efficiency requirements.

“We have many possibilities for integrating storage into the Solar-Log® portal. One popular combination is Solar-Log® plus Sonnen. This popular combination has been popping up all over the world and installs are increasing in the U.S. We expect it to further increase in 2020 with the California Solar Rooftop Mandate driving the increase in residential solar installations,” said Blumenschein-Schutz.


Sonnen Battery as seen on the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ platform.


A valuable piece of the solar plus storage equation is optimizing usage of self-produced energy. Solar-Log® is steering the way with forecast-based battery charging. Based on the weather forecast and consumption analysis, the Solar-Log® energy management system determines the most effective battery charging times. Charging can be automatically controlled by the Solar-Log® to prevent generated energy from being wasted and still having the battery 100% charged by the end of the day. This technology is currently unique to Solar-Log® and Varta Storage.

California solar industry professionals are invited to attend Solar-Log’s online event, California Solar Energy Monitoring, Management & Enhancement, on August 28th at 11am. Registration can be found at the Solar-Log® academy on

Are you a member of CALSSA? Contact Solar-Log® to find out how you can receive 10% off your next order.