It’s all About the Base – Solar-Log Base

New Solar Plant Monitoring Hardware

A new generation of solar plant monitoring hardware was unveiled this week at Intersolar in Munich – Solar-Log Base. When combined with the new Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4.0, which is coming later this year, these products will reinvent solar monitoring, with a faster and more intuitive user experience, greater flexibility, and more control over self-produced energy.

When developing the new Solar-Log®, we focused on both the installer and the end-user . We asked what their needs and wants were when it came to monitoring their solar plant performance and getting the most out of their solar power. We found out where the pain-points were and set out to soothe them. With this knowledge in hand, we initiated phase one of our solution: the all-new Solar-Log Base hardware line.


Seriously Easy Install, Seriously.

Compact Solar Plant Monitoring Hardware

Remember when computers were first invented and the technology took up the entire room? Or maybe you don’t remember, but you’ve heard the stories, right? Now, the smart phone we hold in our hand contains even more power and technology than the first computers. Thinking in those terms, we took our admittedly bulkier data loggers and shrunk them down to a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand…and even added features. It is faster and more powerful than ever!

DIN-Rail Mountable

Once the data logger size was reduced, we designed it so it could be easily mounted, multiple ways. The back of the Solar-Log Base is a DIN rail clip. If the hardware being installed is in an outdoor enclosure or inside an electrical box, it is very easy to mount it on a DIN rail. It can also be mounted using the retractable clips found at the top and bottom of the Solar-Log Base.


Highest Efficiency, Ever.

Solar-Log Base Solar Plant Monitoring Hardware

Easily expandable by auxiliary modules. Solar-Log Base, Solar-Log MOD I/O and Solar-Log MOD 485

Increased Flexibility

The new product line consists of the Solar-Log Base 15, Solar-Log Base 100 and Solar-Log Base 2000 models and each can be expanded with the Mod I/O and Mod 485 modules. The MOD I/O and MOD 485 hardware modules only need to be added if there is a need like connecting additional inverters, integrating Smart Energy components and carrying out feed-in management.

Each base element has a maximum plant size that it can monitor, but the sizes can be increased by purchasing an opening license. This means that if additional panels are added to a solar array, the Solar-Log® can simply be upgraded using a software license instead of purchasing additional hardware.


Remote Configuration

Solar-Log Base can be configured remotely once it has been installed onsite. After the hardware has been successfully installed, the Solar-Log® automatically detects if any additional software licenses are required to perform the desired functions. If so, the correct licenses are activated free of charge for 30 days after the initial installation. After 30 days, an invoice for the license will be generated.


Optimal Price

The modular design of both the Solar-Log Base and the upcoming Enerest™ 4.0 means you only select and pay for those features and functions you need, on a per plant basis.


Packed with Power.

  • Faster processor
  • Extended interfaces mean more capabilities (2x Ethernet, 2x USB)
  • Additional real-time clock & temperature sensors
  • Feed-in management


Hardware Agnostic

The Solar-Log Base is compatible with over 1,000 components including all major inverter brands, battery storage systems, revenue grade meters, EV charging stations, and onsite weather sensors. Connections to components can be made through RS485, RS422 and S0 inputs and outputs.


A USB connection is offered for manual installation of new firmware updates, configurations, and backups. The backup and configuration can be exported as a file via USB. A Wi-Fi stick can be connected for local configuration via a tablet.


Smart Energy – Control and/or Curtailment

Do local regulations limit grid feed-in? Has the utility put a cap on your plant size due to grid equipment capacity? Solar-Log Base provides an answer to install the size plant that best fits the needs of the location, while still adhering to the feed-in limitation. The addition of a consumption meter makes feed-in management easy, meaning that there is never more power being fed into the grid than is specified by the utility company. In addition, as much power as possible is retained for self-consumption. Compatible meters also provide ways to optimize the usage of self-produced power by recording and controlling consumption, and visualizing usage of individual circuits.


Part of optimizing self-produced power is storing energy so it is available when it is needed. Solar-Log® offers battery visualization with several brands and even forecast-based battery charging with some. This functionality means that the Solar-Log® selects the best time of day to charge the battery based on the production forecast. The battery is then left with a full charge by sun-down.


Innovative Bus Analysis Function

The Solar-Log Base will soon be able to measure and evaluate the signal quality of the communication with the inverter through RS485 connection. That will replace the need for an added oscilloscope. The horrors of long cable lengths and costly oscilloscope troubleshooting will become a thing of the past.


Reliable, Secure Data

Extended Memory

The Solar-Log Base has an internal storage capacity of 4GB. Plant data is stored in daily, monthly, and yearly values for a period greater than 10 years, so you never have to worry about losing it.


Full Access When and Where You Need It

The Solar-Log Base connects to the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ platform where the data is available 24/7. The corresponding app offers intuitive controls, modern features and interactive graphics, so plant data can be viewed on-demand, on-the-go.


Solar-Log Base Solar Plant Monitoring Hardware & Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4.0

The Most Powerful PV Energy Management System Ever


Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4.0 is coming later this year and combining it with the Solar-Log Base solar plant monitoring hardware will provide a powerful overall package. The updated and completely redesigned solar monitoring and energy management platform will include advanced features including a level of AI. Enerest™ 4.0’s self-learning functionality provides even more detailed and faster detection of plant errors. These features save a significant amount of time and money by simplifying the monitoring process and leading to prompt issue resolution.