Have you ever wondered how much solar power loss or a drop in power production really costs?

In one of our case studies, a 52kW solar array had a partial failure of 5 out of the 7 inverters. The array did not have a professional monitoring system installed which resulted in the performance issue going undetected for 31 days.

Let’s break that down into actual cost….

  • 52kW, 7 Inverters
  • National avg. cost, $0.12/kWh
  • Partial failure of several inverters left undetected for 31 Days
  • Total power loss, 2,904 kWh
  • Total financial loss, $348.48

The next time a plant owner or investor asks if the minimal expense of adding accurate, professional monitoring is worth it, use this example. O&M contracts with qualified monitoring pay for themselves several times over throughout the 20+ year lifetime of a solar array.

A solar plant investment is worth protecting. Is yours adequately protected against solar power loss?

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